Other Renovation Work We Do at BR Home Services

Exterior Siding

Exterior Siding and Other Work

Replacing siding has many benefits. It could increase your insulating value if the house is sealed from the outside prior to installing the siding. You could also insulate before siding from the outside to increase your energy savings even more. Siding gives you a durable outer finish, making your exterior walls maintenance free without breaking the bank!

Fascia and Soffit. Replace them to provide a clean look to match your siding. Choose perforated soffit for more airflow or solid soffit for a classic look. A finishing touch to any siding replacement.

Aluminum Capping. The other finishing touch on the outside, to wrap and protect the frames of windows and doors, while keeping the elements and critters out of your house. Ask us to show you some pictures. It makes a world of difference!

Caulking. The hidden art of closing small holes in your outer shell of your house. Is any house perfectly square or level? Probably not! Any small areas require caulking to fix any small holes in your outer wall, giving your outer or inner walls a sealant that looks like it blends in. It is tricky to do well, but BR Home Services are experts in making sure it is not messy, and looks great!

General Woodwork. Repairing staircases, and building platforms and decks for enjoyment by all. We can do it.

Interior Painting and Renovations

Interior Renovations and Painting

From Specialty lighting to basement renovations, you can create that extra space you have wanted for many years. Installing new walls and insulating can create quiet spaces, or create that perfect entertaining room. If you dont know where to start, we can help! From stairs to flooring and much more, you can complete that room that you promised yourselves you would complete long ago.

If your interior is mainly done, maybe a fresh coat of paint could give it a whole new look. A new colour can create a big difference in the appearance of your home! Our attention to detail ensures that there is no mess or paint spatter left after cleanup, and a look that will get noticed by your guests.

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Most people live in their house but dont enjoy their house. Enjoy your house the way you are supposed to. Small updates make big differences!