JIM RUTHVEN "THE WINDOWMAN"  (519)  999 - 5918
1.  Jim...You own the company, but your last name is not Read?  Why is this?
This business is in its second generation.  My father has retired, and i am continuing in his footsteps.  While our last names may not be the same, our drive for quality installations is.

2. Is it better to have a full frame installation done over a replacement installation?
Depending on the age of the house...In most cases a full frame installation is definitely the way to go, allowing the window to be properly insulated.

3. Does it really matter where the windows come from?
Absolutely!  We try to use only windows and doors that come from local companies, ensuring that if there is ever a problem, your parts and service are available very quickly.

4. What other home services do you offer?
We offer all interior renovations as well as exterior renovations, and have been doing so for almost 30 years.  Unfortunately, we do not do additions.

5. Why is it that you never advertise huge promotions like...50% off etc?
We don't like to deceive our future clients .  Call us for a quote, and you will realize that even matching up against companies that promise a half off discount, our pricing is competitive.  Honest and fair quotes are what we provide.

6.What should a potential homeowner look for when trying to choose a contractor?
Firstly, make sure that they have been in business for a number of years, not just someome that does it "on the side".  Secondly, make sure they specialize in what they are doing.  If they advertise that they specialize in everything, ask questions to make sure you they can handle the scope of work required.  Door and window installation is not something anyone can do properly, so having a licensed contractor over a handyman will ensure that you can enjoy your new look for years to come!

7. Do you offer financing?
We do offer financing to fit all budgets.  Please call us for more information.

8.Does your company carry proper insurance? 
BR Home Services has full liability insurance, proper vehicle insurance and WSIB clearances.  We would never want one of our clients to be liable in case of accident or injury.

9. Will you provide references from past customers?
Absolutely, We have some listed on our testimonials page, and if you would like more, please ask us and we would be happy to provide more of them for you.

10. Will my job be done promptly, or will you do some, then go to another jobsite, and come back later?
Our promise to you is to be at your jobsite from start to finish.  In almost all cases, we will be on your jobsite from the start of the job until it is complete.